What really is CA with BBA and Why is it respected and reputed to have a CA with BBA course?

CA with BBA graduates are better prepared for career advancement. Students broaden their knowledge with BBA, which focuses on critical and strategic thinking skills. The combination of a CA and the BBA gives students much richer opportunities along their career paths.In order to be a top professional. An individual literally requires maximum knowledge about almost everything from laws to accounting. After all C.A is the only post where professionals have to carry almost all of the financial burden of an Organisation.
So CA with BBA programme will provide further knowledge to the students pursuing this course. CA with BBA with bring our students the best of both word. Certainly a thought may to come mind as it my add more burden to the students pursuing this programme. In reality CA is almost similar to BBA courses like accounts, law, business maths,taxation etc. So it would be easier, students won’t require to toil as much as studying other faculties at the same time. The BBA course is by Correspondence/Distance Learning with provision for optional coaching classes.CA is a correspondence course itself. There is option of coaching classes conducted by the Institute.CA is a mother course and all the syllabus and content which you’ll be studying in your BBA programme is already their in CA. This doesn’t mean that one will easily pass the BBA exams thinking studying for CA will automatically cover your entire syllabus of BBA, which is not true at all. Students should attend regular classes for BBA course but, at the same time you should pay more attention towards your CA course.it will be beneficial for you because it has much better scope after the graduation. The chances of landing high and respected position increases dramatically after taking both of the courses.At the end of this programme you will have a certificate that is highly valued by industry.

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