Activities  Elite Institute of Management (EIM) organises different level of Activities annually. Life and environment itself being the biggest teacher for us. Students should not be made limited inside four walls of classroom. There are vast knowledge and resources waiting for us to be explored. EIM tries to gain that opportunities and turn into students favor. We strongly believe that given the right tools, students will thrive in taking charge of their own development, but to help them do this, We should not just provide the opportunities for students to achieve good academic results but actively promote the benefits of a wider curriculum to students, through which students can prepare themselves to succeed in the many and varied roles they will undertake in future life.

We organise various activities with our own student and students from other collages as well. Activities ranges from poem recitation, excursion, field visit to social works like environment cleanness program, And we plan to bring other various activities that are effective to bring a positive attitude to students.

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